Clinic Tour

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Waiting Room

A visit to our hospital with your pet starts with a stop at the front desk to check in with reception. Then you can relax a few moments on our comfortable cushioned benches or see if you can spot your favorite of our four beautiful Koi. Separate seating areas allow a shy pet a little more personal space. A large scale inset in the floor provides a sturdy surface to obtain an accurate weight.

Exam Rooms

Each of our exam rooms is a bit different to accommodate different needs and types of pets. The front exam room is a room with a view, large enough to accommodate a family and has an electric lift table for large dogs.

Exam Rooms

Other rooms are sized for smaller dogs, cats, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets and other pocket pets . Small portable scales allow us to obtain your small pet’s weight in the security of the exam room. Our 5th exam/consultation room is down the hall for more privacy. It is softly lit, quiet, and furnished for comfortable visitation with sick pets, serious medical discussions and end of life care.


For your convenience, we maintain a comprehensive pharmacy of medications, so that needed products are immediately at hand. Custom formulations and flavors can be ordered for finicky pets. We work with for clients that prefer the ease of on-line ordering and home delivery of chronic medications.


In– house equipment allows rapid results on tests such as cytology, urinalysis, heartworm, FeLV/FIV, fecals and complete blood counts. Most serum chemistry and wellness panels are sent out to large regional lab service providers. Clients benefit from economies of scale and patients benefit from improved accuracy and quality control of high volume lab technology. Specialty tests go out by overnight courier to university centers across the country.

Treatment Room

This area is the hub of the working hospital. Two large work stations are available for procedures, induction of anesthesia, and preparation for surgery. Large interior glass windows bring in natural light and also allow staff to keep a close eye on patients in surgery, intensive care/recovery and isolation wards.

Dental Suite

The dedicated dental area was designed specifically to accommodate “human quality” equipment, including high speed drill, fiber optic lighting, ultrasonic scaler, suction, and antiseptic flush. In addition the area has space for the anesthesia, monitoring, and IV equipment necessary for pet dentistry. We are excited to now also offer digital dental radiology!

Surgical Suite

Our spacious operating room contains a heated surgical table, piped in oxygen and active waste gas scavenging. ECG, blood pressure, oxygenation and carbon dioxide monitors help us perform procedures as safely as possible. HVAC design features include positive pressure and outside air supply to limit airborne contamination.

Surgical Suite

The pack prep area is located just outside the operating room. Here, surgical instruments are cleaned, packed, and sterilized, then stored in a pass-through cabinet for easy access from the O.R.

Imaging: Radiology & Ultrasound

Our high frequency x-ray unit with anatomic programming creates highly detailed images of bone and soft tissues, while minimizing x-ray exposure to patients and staff. An automatic film processor allows simple and consistent film developing. New ultrasound equipment has expanded our diagnostic capabilities to include non-invasive imaging of abdominal organs for evaluation of cancer, bladder stones, pregnancy, kidney and liver disease and much more...

Patient Wards

Post-operative and intensive care are provided in the glass walled ICU at the center of the hospital. Two small wards with noise insulated walls and a variety of cage sizes provide separate accommodation for cats, small exotic animals, and dogs.

Patient Wards

Extra large, glass-fronted runs can comfortably house the largest of dogs. A dedicated isolation ward is available for hospitalization of pets with contagious illnesses. Easily disinfected surfaces and special ventilation are key features of all the wards. A safe fenced area is available outside for walks. Most importantly, highly trained and compassionate staff provide the TLC that comforts our patients while they are away from home and family.